Holistic Massage

The word Holistic means "Whole" and by massaging the soft tissue (muscles, fascia, tendons and ligaments) encourages relaxation of body and mind.  This full body massage helps to ease away aches and pains by relaxing the muscles, calming the nervous system and encourages deep breathing. This helps rejuvenate cells and stimulates the body to heal, promoting overall health and well being in a natural way.

Benefits of massage

Helps relaxation

Improves circulation

Encourages Lymphatic flow

Aids detoxification

Improves joint mobility

Improves Immune system

Encourages a good supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and skin

Improves Sleep

Helps concentration

Improves energy and vitality


Sports massage

Sports massage is not only for the athlete it helps with stresses, strains or injuries that can occur through work, leisure activities or accidents.


This type of massage is tailored to the Clients specific pain and discomfort.  The massage can be light, medium or firm depending on what pressure the Client is comfortable with and can be adjusted accordingly.  Massage promotes blood flow to all the muscles, locates knots, relieves spasms, reduces swelling and scar tissue and through this manipulation of soft tissue returns flexibility to the muscles and joints.  Massage stimulates the body to heal itself and therefore speeds up recovery.


Benefits of Sport Massage

Relieves pain and discomfort from sore, tense muscles

Encourages removal of toxins

Improves range of movements

Speeds up repair and recovery after injury

Reduces build up of scar tissue

Improves flexibility of muscles and joints

Reduces swelling

Helps reduce risk of injury through a maintenance programme


Massage Therapy can help with

Arthritis, Tension headaches, Anxiety, Digestive Disorders, Asthma, Backache, Depression, Insomnia, Knee pain, Sciatica, Neck stiffness, Loss of range of movement - Neck, shoulders, back and legs.